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10 Science-Backed Health Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Modern-day human beings have become health conscious more than ever. You can find endless health information on the internet with the help of just a few searches.

The human body is so amazing that, even with the modern-day advancements in the field of health and wellness, there is always something new to learn about the human body and our health. But with this overload of information, it might become confusing what to believe and what to ignore. This is where the role of scientific research becomes especially important. We have gathered a list of 10 science-backed health facts that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

  • Your Stomach Can Digest Razor Blades

No matter how unbelievable this may sound to you, this is true. While our kids get worried about growing a tree in their tummies just because they ate seeds along with the fruit, this is far from the truth. The human stomach produces strong acids, including Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), which are potent enough to break down a razor blade.

According to science, a double-edged razor blade is rapidly corroded and broken into pieces by stomach juice within 24 hours.

  • Peeing in a Pool Can be Damaging to Your Heart and Lungs

Urinating in a pool might get frowned upon due to the unsanitary implications, but there is more to it. Urinating in the pool can be harmful to your lungs and heart health as shown by research. Chlorine is added to swimming pools to kill germs, but if it is combined with urine, it can produce harmful chemical products. For example, cyanogen chloride is one of these chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs and heart.

  • Your Emotions Can Alter Your Sense of Smell

Your emotions can have an impact on your ability to smell certain odors. For example, according to a 2013 study, scientists studied the relationship between anxiety and the sense of smell. The researchers induced anxiety in the participants by showing them disturbing images. The results showed that anxiety made previously neutral odors smell bad and nauseating odors smell even more repulsive. Anxiety also caused a delay in smell detection.

  • Adding Eggs to Your Diet Can Enhance Your Reflexes

Eggs are commonly known to be a rich source of proteins and are immensely popular among gym-goers to help build lean muscle mass, but did you know that eggs can also help make your reflexes sharper?

Eggs have tyrosine, an amino acid that is known to boost energy, enhance alertness, and improve mood by taking part in dopamine and norepinephrine synthesis. Research has shown eating tyrosine-rich foods, like eggs, can sharpen your reflexes. Tyrosine can improve your response to a negative stimulus and enable you to instantly stop overt responses.

  • A Tick Bite Can Make You Allergic to Meat

People can be allergic to all sorts of foods. One of the foods that you can become allergic to is red meat. Interestingly, if you have suddenly become allergic to red meat, it can be caused by an insect bite. Plenty of research is present to establish a positive link between a Lone Star tick bite and developing a red meat allergy. Such cases have been reported in every region except Antarctica. The symptoms of a red meat allergy include vomiting, breathing difficulty, cramps, and hives after eating lamb, pork, beef, and mutton. A severe reaction can also cause a complete cessation of breathing.

  • Eating Red Meat Can Make You Smell Bad

Unpleasant body odors are known to be caused by numerous factors like sweating, and hot and humid weather. But a lesser-known factor that can affect your body odor is your diet. The research was conducted to study the effects of eating red meat on the axillary body odors of women. Refraining from eating red meat for 2 weeks resulted in a more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense body odor.

  • You Lose Fat Through Your Lungs

People spend hours working out to lose extra fat. Where do you think that extra fat goes? Most people might think that extra fat leaves our body through excretions like sweat, urine, feces, or tears, but surprisingly, the lungs are the main organs that help you dispose of extra fat.

Scientific data shows that most of the stored fat is converted into carbon dioxide and the remaining is converted into water. Your lungs aid you in exhaling 84% of fat in the form of carbon dioxide, while the remaining 16% is excreted through other bodily excretions.

  • Wearing High Heels Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Scientists have studied the effect of balance on decision-making skills. Wearing high heels enhances your sense of balance which is linked to making wise choices. So, if you are out shopping wearing high heels, you are less likely to buy useless stuff or stuff you don’t really need.

  • Chewing Gum Can Enhance Your Focus

If you are in a situation where you want to be 100% present, putting chewing gum in your mouth can help sharpen your focus. According to a 2012 study, chewing gum can significantly alter your focus and makes you more alert. It is because our brain associates mouth movements with food and energy and becomes highly alert.

  • Taking Photos Can Make You Forget the Actual Moment

We take pictures to make our special moments permanent. However, research is pointing in the other direction. In an experimental study, students were asked to remember the details of a series of paintings. The first group was without a camera, the second group had a camera, and the third group used the Snapchat app where pictures disappear. The results showed that students who took photos had more difficulty remembering the details compared to the group without a camera. So, if you really want to make memories, it is suggested that you leave your camera at home and cherish the moments. Because this way, they will last longer.