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Lighthouse Insurance Group, LLC. does business as Lighthouse American Insurance Solutions, LLC in the state of California. The company is licensed to sell health and life insurance in the following states under the following National Producer Numbers: Lighthouse Insurance Group 15471376, Jason Paul Farro 6998749.

State NPN: 15471376 NPN: 6998749
Alabama 587692 585920
Alaska 106841 106350
Arizona 1800009944 963230
Arkansas 100104608 6998749
California 0I43618 0G95423
Colorado 393805 392890
Connecticut 002411471 002411064
Delaware 1232541 1230881
Florida L077789 P232732
Georgia 170499 2706873
Hawaii 489256 488960
Idaho 520495 520456
Illinois 100396193 6998749
Indiana 792499 777659
Kansas 271423115-0 6998749
Kentucky DOI-767716 762154
Louisiana 569105 568735
Maine AGN206362 PRN206217
Maryland 2095942 2095871
Massachusetts 1975790
Michigan 0098811 6998749
Minnesota 40301341 40301108
Missouri 8084874 8083420
Mississippi 15020187 10259918
Montana 763297 762830
Nebraska 100189256 6998749
Nevada 836793 692041
New Hampshire 2189126 2187180
New Jersey 1419099 1416779
New Mexico 100012653 6998749
New York LA-1349796 1315572
North Carolina 271423115 6998749
North Dakota 2000071305 6998749
Ohio 40500 651313
Oklahoma 100138422 100137978
Oregon 100176633 6998749
Pennsylvania 643356 570377
Rhode Island 3000512801 2303629
South Carolina 187572 599085
South Dakota 10015927 40239354
Tennessee 2152012 2045273
Texas 1762563 1133127
Utah 512364 512027
Vermont 834843 833444
Virginia 131766 828399
Washington 833203 833021
Washington D.C. 3000507987
Wisconsin 100196514 6998749
West Virginia 100140514 6998749
Wyoming 231045 230986

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